Thursday, July 09, 2009

I dent eat tee cry sees

I've chosen Georgia font for a reason. It's so serious, but bulbous. Like me.
But lately, I haven't really felt serious. I've been reading for fun. British history, grant it, but still fun. I should get crackin', eh?
I'm teaching Theories of Contemporary Art. The class will focus on politics and art and well also Politics and art. I like to make a distinction using only upper and lower case letters.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the long and short

I, yes I, am finally considering exchanging some of my precious vinyl for cds. I mean, only the albums that can exist on cd without losing their complete fidelity. And of course, not picture discs or albums not available on cd. I am only considering it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

some peeps got hate...,14634,1310814,00.html

Four months ago, fire swept through an east London warehouse rented by the storage company Momart. Hundreds of works by leading British artists were destroyed in the blaze. It was dubbed a disaster by some - and celebrated by much of the rest of the country. In the most extensive investigation so far, James Meek examines why so many significant pieces of art were put at risk and assesses the real cost of the inferno

the article is two part and worth a read. i hope this and/or other publications keep up with this story, not just for the drama...
the sad/funny thing is...the writer interviews peeps on the street about the sitch, and they know about it!! THEY HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT IT (and art). whatta laugh that would happen here. like ann said "some poor schmo at the wiggly buying lettuce..." wouldn't know an American artist if life/death depended on it. and even then, most walk-around peeps might think it's important what happens to some 'rich person's art collection'
so that's just me imposin'...

Monday, September 13, 2004

some one who claims

for someone who claims to like scary movies why have i not seen the new exorcist movie? part of it maybe getting old and feeble and worried about breaking a hip running to the car in a darkened parking lot in the dark after the movie lets out. i seem to actually find it creepier to leave a scary movie at midday...but the usual conception of scary is in the dark and it's other people's imagination that scare me the most right now. but how many people out there really have an imagination or the energy and will to use it if they have it?? the kind that really scares me is what i've heard referred to as the "redneck" imagination...that's the string of scenarios that always starts, "i wonder what it would feel like to....?" while the majority of the time that kind of curious and distasterous energy is directed at's the few really scary times that someone drags someone over a dirt road, or locks someone in the trunk of a car then drives them to a remote place and kills them. or breaks into a home and has their way with the residents, eats a sandwich and lets their cats out. ugh. now i am creeping myself out.